​Thematic Hand-building ceramics class

除了著重學習造型與功能性的陶藝經驗外,陶藝給予的,還有身心連結的部分。手捏 (Handbuild) 是習陶初學者的基本課。



從泥條伴築的練習,學懂運用泥土乾濕造型,學懂何時停下與繼續; 如何控制與放下;





Apart from emphasizing on technical skills on ceramics making, what ceramics also gives us, is the connection with my body and mind; and Hand-building ceramics is the gate that lead us to this deeper ceramics experience.

From kneading the clay with finger pressures, with steady pace and pressure, you turn a clay ball into a cup, a bowl, a flower pot, and a plate;

From rolling out a lump of clay into a slab, you learn that clay remembers too;

From constructing with layers of coils, you learn how moisture of clay affects its strength, and you learn when to pause and continue, to let go or to persist.

Ceramics is a “Slow” art, which requires you to slow down ‘listening” to the clay. So, why not try giving yourself some time and space, and listen to the clay?

*All hand-build thematic workshops are specially designed, suitable for all beginners.

* The thematic hand-build ceramics class is usually on every Saturdays 3:30-6:30pm



diy mug workshop
( 2 sessions)




pinch pottery workshop
(min. 2 sessions)