The REGULAR CLASS is held once per week, and is suitable for the one who wants to develop skills in ceramics and practice ceramics on a regular basis. The course is operated ongoingly, re-registered every 4 sessions.  The teacher will provide guidance and skills support in different stages according to individual's  needs. Our regular class only recruit new students if space is available, please contact us to check for availability. 

每星期一次的陶瓷課程,適合有興趣專注習陶和陶藝創作的朋友。課程以每4 節為一期,有興趣持續習陶的朋友只要每期續報課程即可。導師會視乎參加者的興趣及需要,在不同階段給予技巧提升及技術上的支援和指導。Regular class 會按各班情況不定期收生。有興趣者可聯絡我們查詢最新收生日期。

​( Sorry our workshop has no one-off experiential class for throwing~ 拉坯班不設單節體驗班) 

( All classes are conducted in Cantonese 所有課程以廣東話進行)

THROWING  陶瓷拉坯課程

The course introduces pottery throwing techniques, including different pottery forms, appreciation, glazing & deco technique; we may combine handbuild skills to add interest and variaions to your pots.

This course is suitable for whom has completed the handbuild basic course. For those doesn't have any handbuild experience, you will be introduced to some basic handbuild techniques at the beginning of the course. The regular course is available at both the Wanchai & Prince Edward workshop. 


  |15D, Tak Lee Commercial Bldg. 113-117, Wan Chai Road|


Class size:

  |Maximum 8 students|


Fee :

HK$1200  | per 4 lessons, each 2.5hrs , total 10hrs|

  *to be finished in 6 weeks

  *Includes basic materials, clays & glazes 

  *firing fee is charged addition, according to weight of your finished

   piece HK$100/kg

教授陶瓷拉坯創作技巧,包括Centering 的要訣、不同的拉坯造型及修坯技巧、作品欣賞、上釉裝飾技巧等,也會按階段結合hand-build方法,增加造型的多樣性。 教授方法由淺進深,已掌握基礎的朋友可按個別創作計劃,導師從旁助,自行研習。

適合已完成handbuild 初階程度或進階的習陶者參加。如未有任何handbuild 經驗的朋友,需要在課程初期先學習基礎的handbuild造型及陶藝操作的基本技巧。








每期學費HK$1200|4節 x 2.5小時,共 10 小時|

* 每期需 6 星期內完成

包基本材料: 陶泥、上釉

* 燒窯費按作品大小重量另計, HK$100/kg


Class A: Every Wednesdays, 7:15-9:45pm 

Class B:Every Sundays, 3:00-5:30pm 

Class C:Every Sundays, 11:00am-1:30pm