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booking system for regular classes

For regular classes:

​* Applicable for Wan Chai classes only

1) All classes must be booked and confirmed in advance, seats will not be      

   guaranteed if  classes are not booked.

2) Please book all 4 classes with payments at the end of each batches.

3) The 4 classes/payment must be consumed within 6 working weeks.

4) Classes missed will not be compensated with make-up lessons, as place has

    already been reserved for you at the time of booking.

5) Cancellation and change of class appointments must be done at least 48 hours      in advance, otherwise lesson will be charged.

6) Students who comes on regular basis will have priority for bookings.

7)If Black rainstorm and Typhoon no.8 signal is hoisted, classes will be cancelled       and postponed. Students could reschedule their class.

​* Call / Whassap for booking: 5598-6753



1) 所有課堂均需預約。

2) 請於每期課程的第4節課,預約之後4節的課堂。 

3) 每期4節的課程需於6個工作星期內完成。

4) 預約時課堂已留位,所有經確認後自行臨時取消之課堂均不會另作補課。

5) 如要取消或更改課堂預約日期, 請於上課前最少48小時通知, 否則當一堂計。

6) 能定期上課之學生優先預約課堂。

7)黑色暴雨或八號颱風,課堂將會取消, 同學可重新預約課堂。

*  電話/Whassap 預約:5598-6753 

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