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"of the earth workshop" (土也工作室)is started by local ceramics artist, Rebeka Tam, aiming to connect amateur ceramics makers and provides  ceramics art classes in Hong Kong. Practicing ceramics will let your hands & body connects to clay, which is a highly tactile material to work with.   Before becoming an "art", ceramics has had a long history of being a craft & technology that contributes to human heritage, economically, culturally and spiritually. The workshop would like to share this heritage and practice to whoever interested and wishing to be connected to ceramics. "of the earth workshop" believes everybody could enjoy the clay experiences and that clay would bring at least a moment of presence and mindfulness to us.


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A ceramics artist, a maker, a curator for art projects,

a teaching artist.


Graduated from RMIT Univeristy (BA Fine Arts, major in Ceramics) in 2008, and finished a MA Cultural Management at CUHK in 2013. I have been working as an art educators for more than 12 years, and active in leading several community arts projects for years. Day dreaming & making with clay in studio is the most treasurable time for me, the direction of my works focus on playing and exploring the material limitations of clay in the eariler days, yet now I spend more time to be friend with clay.

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